Belfast Landmarks

EastSide Visitor Centre

The EastSide Visitor sits on the edge of Belfast's latest visitor attraction CS Lewis Square. The centre aims to signpost to visitors the key attractions and the rich history of east Belfast. Both attractions are located on the Newtownards Road before its junction with the Albertbridge Road and form part of the new Connswater Greenway project

Big Fish Belfast

The Big Fish is located in Belfast's Donegal Quay close to the Obel Tower, the Lagan Lookout and Custom House Square. The Big fish is a public art sculpture 10 metres long of printed ceramic mosaic and has become a popular tourist image for the City of Belfast.

Beacon of Hope Belfast

The Beacon of Hope is public art in Belfast close to the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Its metal sculpture stands 19.5 metres tall is an area now called Thanksgiving Square. The stainless steel and cast bronze structure is fast becoming a Belfast landmark and is the second largest public art sculpture in Belfast.

Albert Memorial Clock Belfast

One of Belfast's most famous landmarks is the Albert Memorial Clock situated at Queen's Square in the city. Completed in 1869 and standing 113 feet tall the Albert Clock is Belfast's own learning Tower as it was built on land reclaimed around the River Farset. The Learning Tower of Belfast is reported to lean four feet off the perpendicular.

Saint Anne's Cathedral

The popularity of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter is growing due to redevelopment and the relocation of the Ulster University. In the heart of this area sits another iconic building, St Anne's Cathedral which is also known as Belfast Cathedral. This Anglian cathedral has great architecture and is where the funeral service of Alex Higgins took place.

C.S. Lewis Square Belfast

Discover Belfast's Tribute to author CS Lewis with this nearly developed public space. CS Lewis Square features several pieces of public art themed on the Belfast born, author's book 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'. Get your photo with Aslan or the White Witch

Lagan Weir and Lookout

Discover great views of Belfast, the River Lagan and Belfast Lough all from the great vantage point. This foot and cycle bridge crosses the river, with the Big Fish and Customs House on one bank leading to the SSE Arena and Titanic Belfast on the other. Car users can use the Queens Bridge close by.

Crumlin Road Prison

The Gaol at Crumlin Road was a working prison up until 1996 just a few years before the Belfast Agreement was signed. The prison dates back to 1845 and has now reopened as one of Belfast's major landmarks and visitor attraction.

HMS Caroline

HMS Caroline is the last survivor of World War 1 Battle of Jutland. Later HMS Caroline played its role in World War 2. Now newly restored HMS Caroline is Belfast latest tourist attraction reflecting the city's rich maritime history.

Rise Sculpture Belfast

The RISE sculpture is one of Belfast most prominent pieces of public art. The spherical metal sculpture by Wolfgang Buttress cost a whopping £400k and stand proudly on the Broadway roundabout on Belfast's M1 motorway.

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

The PRONI located in Titanic Quarter maintains an official archive for Northern Ireland. For official records and photographs relevant to NI's History the PRONI is the place to go. Why not visit to search their records or visit them online

Customs House

Modern day Belfast uses Custom House square where Custom House is located, for events and street parties but this is one of Belfast's most iconic buildings. Built in around 1857 Customs House was central to the success of Belfast as a port and trading centre in the Victorian age.

The Searcher, CS Lewis Wardrobe Statue

This public art is a tribute to Christian author CS Lewis and sits at the entrance to CS Lewis Square's Holywood Arches Entrance. The art represents probably the author's best known work the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Samson & Goliath Cranes

These yellow gantry cranes reflect Belfast's rich maritime heritage. Located within Harland & Wolff shipyard, Queen's Island they are probably the best known symbol of the city. To many they represent the location where RMS Titanic was built but they weren't actually constructed until much later.

Belfast Masts

Belfast City Centre has been redeveloped to include bronze masts or sail mast heads to represent the varied maritime heritage achievements of the city. Each bronze mast lining Donegal Place represents a famous ship built at H&W with the most famous of all being RMS Titanic

Spirit of Belfast

The Spirit of Belfast is located in Belfast's Corn Market. The public art was unveiled in 2009 and replaces a long standing band stand used for performers and Christian open air meeting in the city. The sculpture cost £200,000 and is close to Belfast's premier shopping area Victoria Square.