Report broken links

Like most modern day websites we are always aiming to provide ever better services to our users, our online community and advertisers and as such some pages get removed whilst some get added. If you notice any missing pages on our site perhaps where a whoops message appears, we ask that you simply use the contact form and copy into it the url of the page and send it to us to fix so that our user experience can get better and better.

Likewise within pages you may come across links that simply do not work, it happens from time to time given the growth of the site. Again, we seek your help by simply using the contact form, pasting in the url and advising us of which link is broken.

To copy and paste a url, simply right click in the url box at the top of your browser select copy from the list go to the contact page and within the message field click to highlight the field, right click and select paste.

Likewise you can click to highlight the url in your browser and them press the Ctrl and C buttons together to copy, then go to the message field on the contact page click to highlight it and the use Ctrl and V buttons to paste it in.

Many Thanks for all your help!

Simply Belfast Help Zone