Report Content

Here at Simply Belfast we encourage engaging content but we also have a set of rules to ensure that this site is family friendly and is a safe place for users of all ages. As such we ask our online community to help us by reporting any content they consider to be unsuitable.

When permitting users to publish their content online it is not for us to police such content. We simply do not time to review every piece of work submitted to us to see if it complies with our terms conditions and declaimers but we do make sure through our terms that users submitting content fully accepted such terms and are aware of the legal consequences for the submission of work, which breaches the law, the rights of others or damages our reputation.

That said, we call on our online community to keep both themselves and this site safe by acting to report any content which could be considered extreme, a breach of law, a breach of copyright or in reporting any article that could be considered abusive or harassing in content.

This site prides itself in providing a platform and forum we can all share and we all know that when someone is trying to do something good that there is always ONE set on frustrating, damaging or destroying it. All we ask is that you are not that ONE and that you help us in any way you can to keep this site an enjoyable sharing and safe community!

To report content simply use the contact form and copy into it the url of the page you are reporting along with any comments on why you believe it falls short of our standards and as such should be removed.

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