Placing Ads

Thinking of placing a free Belfast classified ad, or responding to one , then here are a few tips for keeping safe:

1. Do not disclose any personal information in your ad, other than a means of contact
2. If people are coming to your home, its a good idea to have another person present
3. If you are going to view an item, its a good idea to take someone with you
4. Let someone else know if you are having visitors or you are going to view an item
5. Never let a caller go to other parts of your house, even to use the toilet
6. Never carry large sums of money, with you when going to view an item
7. Never leave valuables on show, when having strangers come to the house
8. Check the item thoroughly before paying
9. When transacting by post, don't provide monies up front you're not prepared to lose
10. If conducting the transaction by post, don't send an item in advance of payment
11. When dealing with callers take traceable information, such as landline numbers
12. Check the validity of information for example ring landline numbers un-expectantly
13. Never provide banking details etc., even for money to be put into your account
14. Be aware of scams to get your personal information, money etc.
15. Never provide details such as logins or passwords to anyone, including us
16. Never open unsolicited or suspicious emails

Thousands of people around Belfast, answer personal ads every day and most proceed without a hitch, but that's because simple and sensible precautions are taken. Don't be a victim, just because you're a nice person, don't loss your common sense, you wouldn't give a total stranger off the street personal information about you, or allow them access to your home, so don't allow someone visiting your home to take advantage or make you uncomfortable.

Remember if something seems to good to be true, it probably is! Simply Belfast can only offer you our views on how best to deal with placing or responding to Belfast Classifieds ads, the responsibility for taking adequate safeguards and protecting both you and your home, rests with you, as such Simply Belfast disclaim all liability for placing or responding to ads on this site, please read our full terms, conditions, disclaimers and privacy policy before proceeding.

'When online, take a little time & be safe'

Placing an ad with us is quite simple. Just log into your account select to place an ad. Fill in the fields on the submission form, proof read it a few times, double check you have provided no comprising details - then submit.

Simply Belfast then publish it is it meets our terms - simple!

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