Dolly Parton Won’t Run For President

Dolly Parton Won’t Run For President


“We have had enough boobs in the White House!”

The one and only Dolly Parton appeared on today’s This Morning to talk about her new festive album, why she won’t run for President and the reason she relates to her ‘wild’ god-daughter Miley Cyrus.

Speaking to Alison Hammond - who had decked out her kitchen as a ‘Holly Dolly Grotto’ for the occasion - Dolly revealed why she wanted to release a new Christmas album.

On her new album, ‘Holly Dolly Christmas’, she suggested: “Well, I thought this is a good time to talk about Christmas and talk about what Christmas really is, as I’m sure you know I got to sing with a lot of wonderful duet partners.”

Chatting about working with Michael Buble for one track, Dolly revealed that the pair didn’t actually meet. She explained: “He is a precious, precious person but unfortunately I did not get to work with him in person. He was singing from his studio and I was singing from mine. He said he had been a fan of mine for years and I was really, really excited about that.”

On her god-daughter Miley Cyrus, who also appears on the album, Dolly revealed: “I did ‘Christmas Is’, it’s a song I wrote for the album, that’s the one Miley sang on. Loved doing that with her.”

When Alison commented on how Miley often covers Dolly’s tracks, and asked which of Miley’s songs she would cover, Dolly said: “I would love some day to sing my version of ‘Wrecking Ball’. She is special to me, she is a wild one.”

After Alison agreed and said: “the wild ones are always the best”, Dolly nodded: “I know, I love the wild ones because I kind of have a wild streak of my own.”

On what she will be buying her husband of 54 years for Christmas, Dolly said: “Well, I like to think I’m the Christmas present, and he’s mine. My birthday is January 19th and I love Christmas, so I usually don’t even take my decorations and stuff down until after my birthday.”

Dolly also discussed her new book, ‘Songteller’, which features 175 stories behind the lyrics of her iconic songs. Revealing where she gets her inspiration, Dolly said: “I think people are interested in why you write a song, how you write a song, there are pieces of me in everything I do write.”

Dolly then played Alison’s game, ‘Dolly would or Dolly wouldn’t’, where she was given various scenarios and asked which she would take part in.

Asked if she would go on a big rollercoaster ride that went upside down: “Dolly wouldn’t” and she added: “I have too much to lose, like my hair, like my boobs might fall out. I don’t even ride the rides at Dollywood and they laugh at me. But the scareder I am, the better the ride so it all works okay.”

Dolly also said she “would” dye her own hair, adding: “I always thought that if I hadn’t made it as a singer, I would have been a beautician.”

She drew a line, however, at running for President: “Dolly wouldn’t run for President” she insisted, “We have had enough boobs in the White House here!”

The interview ended with Dolly sharing a story about her mum having to sew her toes back in. She recalled: “I had jumped across a fence barefoot as a kid, cut two of my toes almost off and mom sewed ’em back together with her needle and thread - course it took the whole household to hold me down to do it!”

Before finally saying to Alison: “Merry Christmas, you’re fun! You’re always fun to work with!”

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Last Updated: Monday, 7th December 2020 16:21

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