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Sunshine FM Belfast's Newest Community Station

Belfast is now brighter than ever with the new full time radio service, Sunshine 1049 FM!

Sunshine1049 is the capital’s first Christian radio station which plays a mixture of new contemporary Christian hits, carefully selected chart music, Christian and mainstream classics to get you through your day, no matter what you’re up to.

Sunshine 1049 broadcasts only Good News Bulletins, as Neil Curran explains, “If you want bad news, you are spoilt for choice. We are about 'the positive', the good news, the inspirational stories, the successes. We want to promote the amazing community work across our city, the selfless volunteering and job creation.”

Asked if the station was only for religious people, Mattie James, a presenter on the station, says "You don’t have to be a Christian of any denomination to come along and have a listen, you won’t be disappointed. We play great feel-good music and we've a presentation team whose sole aim is to make people feel better in their lives.”

Sunshine 1049 is free of advertisements, and our directors have chosen the path of relying on corporate donations and voluntary contributions to keep the service on-air. Neil Curran says "I’m not sure you can be a true friend of your listener on the one hand and then use their loyalty to sell things to them. It's definitely not going to be easy, but the donations we've received means we already have enough to meet the first 6 months of the stations costs."

Sunshine 1049 embraces equally both Catholic and Protestant faiths. Mattie James, weekend show presenter says “in the past, some have focused on what divides us rather than celebrating the many things that unite us as a community. The Falls Road and the Shankill Road are only separated as a dot on a map, and it’s the same for all Christian faiths. We might differ in our practices but we our fundamental belief is the same".

Sunshine 1049 is run on a voluntary basis with no owners or shareholders so any profits are reinvested in the services the station provides or used to fund community and charitable projects.

Listeners can find Sunshine 1049 citywide on 104.9FM, streaming through and through the Tune In radio app on all iOS and Android devices.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 22nd May 2019 10:09