TUV Announces NI Assembly Candidates
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TUV Announces NI Assembly Candidates

The TUV has announced that candidates they will field the upcoming NI Assembly election. The party will field a total of 12 candidates across the following constituencies:

North Antrim – Jim Allister
Mid Ulster – Hannah Loughrin
South Belfast – John Hiddleston
East Belfast – Councillor Andrew Girvin
Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Alex Elliott
East Antrim – Ruth Wilson
East Londonderry – Jordan Armstrong
South Down – Lyle Rea
South Antrim – Richard Cairns
Strangford – Councilor Stephen Cooper
Upper Bann – Roy Ferguson
Lagan Valley – Samuel Morrison

TUV Party leader Jim Allister indicated that this election is about two key issues the financial scandal and the Sinn Fein agenda.

The well known Unionist claimed “It’s time to drain the swamp by voting TUV.”
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