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Tell Your Story

Let us provide you with an audience for your work. Whether you are a budding journalist and wanting to write the news or an editorial on it, an enthusiast wishing to share your hobby or simply want to share an experience or an event you have lived through, then we may be the platform to share your work. Perhaps you are even a would be author and your art is storytelling, then welcome to Simply Belfast.

We want to hear from you if you have a story to share and you can do this one of several ways:

1. If you would prefer to provide Simply Belfast with the facts, any relevant documents and photos, then contact us by phone or email outlining the nature of your story and your interest in it. Do not send any material to us until we specifically ask to see it. Once we have decided to tell your story we will make contact with you.

2. Perhaps, your wish to help expand on or compile a Belfast news story or Feature, well you can do this directly from within your Simply Belfast Account. Just login, check our guidelines for writing and submitting your own content and then compile the story elements and prepare the photograph you wish to upload. Remember you don't have to be a journalist to find your audience, but you do need to make sure of your facts, that your story is balanced and fair (see our guidance).

3. If the web content you wish to submit does not constitute what could be classed as news or a news feature, then we still encourage you to submit it for consideration. Whilst we encourage our users to share their experiences, hobbies, events we do have specific terms and guidance that you must adhere to. To submit this sort of content simply log into your account and select the appropriate category.

At no point should you send us your originals and always remember to save your work before submitting.

Please note when sending your stories and other content that you should prepare your material in a saved document until your work is complete. Then cut and paste it into your browser. It would be a shame to lose all your work having written it to your browser only to have it time out deleting all your data - please learn from the experience of others.

Sell Your Story - The Big Scoop

Simply Belfast provide our users the ability to tell their story and whilst we welcome whistle blowing in the public good and for story telling aimed at helping and warning others we do not encourage you sell your story. Users should be aware that there are no circumstances in which our sites will buy your story. If your motivation is more about the money than telling your story then search Google for how to sell your story to the press.

Got a news story or Feature Idea for us?

Perhaps you don't want to write a story but have a sound news story or news feature idea, then simply contact us with this information via the contact form or from within your account. Perhaps you have completed a Freedom of Information request and the results are worth bringing to the publics attention, then contact us.

Got a news photo for us?

Perhaps you don't want to write a story but you have a photo that paints a thousand words. Then contact us by phone to describe the photo, its provenance and to discuss your interest in the story. If we decide to take our consideration of the story forward we will request to send a copy to us. You will be asked to agree to our terms, conditiona and disclaimers before we proceed.

We all have stories to tell & Simply Belfast and our associated sites would love to hear yours!

Tell Your Belfast Story
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