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The next available edition is the Simply Belfast Eastside Edition - So just give us a call! Tele: 07794 149 831

Want to avail of great discounts then simply select one of the following and tell us which plan you want to book when you call?

  One Edition Single Discount Running Discount Cross Title Discount
Full Page £150 £130 £120 £115
Half Page £85 £75 £70 £70
Quarter Page £55 £45 £40 £40

So How Do I Get The Discount?

For a single order discount - it's simple!
Simply advise us when booking, make your payment by the Discount Payment date on your invoice - then leaves the rest to us!

To avail of our Running Discount

Simply book your ad in at least 3 consecutive* issues of your chosen Simply Belfast Magazine Edition, decide how you wish to make payment eg monthly standing order, direct payment, cheque or cash, then make payment by the Discount Payment Date on your invoice/s - then leave the rest to us!.

*When space in the next consecutrive edition is unavailable you agree your ad can be bumped to the next available edition

Which package do we believe is best?

We recommend our 'Running Discount Package' One off advertising is a great means to promote particular products, deals, discounts, product launches and even to anhance your exposure but brand awareness is what its all about.

Whose name would YOU automatically think of if you needed a plumber, a hair stylish, a gardener or even a glazier?

Using our 'Running Discount Package' enhances your Brand Exposure so when the time comes and someone wants or needs your service, product or treat, yours could be the first name on their lips. Our great prices make it possible for small businesses and even micro traders to advertise all year round. Want to market your business to your local community and reach potential news customers, then give us a call!

What Are Cross Title Discounts?

Our Magazines Titles include: Simply Belfast Eastside Edition, Simply Belfast Northside Edition, Simply Belfast Southside Edition and Simply Belfast Westside Edition. The cross title discount simply applies when you book your ad into two or more of our magazines during the same period and you adhere to our payment terms. Our Cross Title Discount is designed to help you reach a larger audience for less!

Your Booking Tick List

Which Edition of Simply Belfast suits me best?
What size ad is best?
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Will my choices return the best discount
LET'S BOOK: 07794 149 831

Ad Sizes & Dimensions

A5 Full Page 216mm x 154mm
Full Page with border 135mm x 193mm
Half Page 135mm x 93mm
Quarter Page 65mm x 93mm

Important Booking Info

At time of booking, note down the copy deadline date
Send us your ad as soon as you can & not later than the copy deadline date
Send your ad in JPEG, TIFF or PDF format, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi
Make sure your ad is correctly sized
If you wish to submit your ad in a different format simply contact us
If you need help or advice with your ad contact us
All copy submitted by you is considered as already proofed unless otherwise stated
By booking you provide Simply Belfast the right to edit and/or resize your ad
You must hold all rights & permissions to publish your ad with us
Your ad must not infringe another's copyright or intellectual property rights
Remember to avail of discounts you must make payment on time
All ads are accepted subject to our terms, conditions and disclaimers

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