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Simply Belfast don't stand for public office. We're not interested in standing for the NI Assembly to become an MLA, standing in UK Elections to become an MP at Westminster or even standing to become a Belfast councillor but we do believe in the very best for Belfast, so here is just a few of our policies because together we would probably be the best politicians in the country


The United Kingdom as a nation has now chosen to leave the European Union and whilst the EU itself is making all the right noises regarding the UK's exit, publically behind the scenes within the UK and its constituent countries are those that seek the vote be ignored, define it as not legally binding or demand a re-run, presumably until they win. The danger is that if this vote can so readily be ignored by such people, will the same apply in the event of a future Scottish Referendum or Irish Border poll on Irish reunification. Find out how we view BREXIT and our place in Europe.

Crime, Victims, Courts, Policing

Crime affects us all in one way or another and the effects of crime can stay with us for a life time. In modern day Northern Ireland how safe do you feel in your home, in your work place, whilst out or even shopping online. What policies would you adopt over our legal system, our courts or the PSNI. How would you treat the victims of crime or those convicted of crime. Simply Belfast does stand in elections but if we did here are just a few of the justice policies we would seek a conversation with you on.

Culture And Religious Freedoms

You know the truth about life is that when all is said and done its not about them and us, its about us! We have the opportunity to make Northern Ireland truly GREAT and we don't have to sacrifice our cultural or religious beliefs to achieve this but we do need to respect the rights of others. Here are a few of the policies we might have if we ever did stand for the Stormont Pantomime


It's funny listening to the vast array of opinions around environmental issues such as recycling today, for I can never remember a time when the majority of people did not recycle. Yes, we have replaced the rag and bone man with ebay and charity shops. We've replaced the need for pot luck meals from leftovers by putting them in brown bins. In the day we even used to get money back on empty bottles which doesn't happen now but what about policies...

Freedom of Information

Many people see the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as the best way of holding our politicans and our civil service to account. Unfortunately, our politicans and civil service do not hold the same view. Some government departments simply ignore the requests or the legal time limits, as there is little legal consequence to either their organisation or them personally. In the modern world information is power and its usually your personal information that is abised. Lets take a look at FOIA, the DPA, surveliance, your rights and what policy we would adopt.

NI Housing And Housing Rights

Did you know that the Northern Ireland Housing Executive has not built any new homes since the year 2000 but that this task has been outsourced to a collection of NI Housing Associations, which despite getting vast amounts of public money sit outside the Freedom of Information Act. Did you know that for example one bedroom homes are being built but not let to single people on the list but rather are being advertised as only being available to two or more people. Did you know that in modern day Belfast there are homes with no heat, no bathrooms and that have only outside toilets yet the Northern Ireland Executive do nothing.

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