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In the digital age business needs to keep pace with shopping trends or face decline. Why wait until your business is failing before you start your online business project. Across Northern Ireland and even in Belfast websites are a big thing BUT...

If a business is selling products, goods or services why isn't selling these online. Many businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs consider the cost of selling online as costly and time consuming and it can be but in reality you can go online as a business for next to nothing and time, is really the trade off.

The more money your business spend buying web services, web design and SEO services the less time you personally need to be involved having decided to leabve it to the experts. However if you wish to keep cost low then whilst it won't consume all your time you will need to rationalise it and that's true whether you live in Belfast Northern Ireland or anywhere else.

Let's assume you are interested in taking your Northern Ireland business online, I mean why else would you be reading this article? The question now is what type of site will work for you.

We will take a look at two main options available to you:

1. A static, purely informational website which provides users with details of your business, products or services

2. An e-commerce type site which enables you to upload and sell your products

Whichever option you decide upon the startup and running costs can be minimal with the actual software costing nothing. So, tell me again, why isn't you're Belfast business online and why across Northern Ireland are a large proportion of our sites not selling?

Let's assume you want to get your business online, what do you need to consider?

1. Your online address or domain name & its availability?
2. Consider the new domain extensions that are available?
3. What web hosts are available in the UK & who's best?
4. Should I have a site that Is purely informational or for selling online?
5. What software will my web host provide?
6. How does it all work?

Let Simply Belfast provoke your 'little grey cells' for the truth is times are changing, sales for even everyday products are moving online and whilst some NI or Belfast web design, SEO or website building companies may have convinced you to purchase a pretty website, if its not selling or actively promoting your business, products or services, then what's the point of your site?

With a vast range of new domain extensions, with a host of trustworthly US & UK hosting companies and with an array of free ecommerce software and tutorials available online now is the time for NI to sell online. Learn More..

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