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Finding Your Belfast Plumber

Getting work done to you home can be a very stressful time. It doesn't really matter the size of the job it could be fairly small such as a leaky kitchen tap needing fixed or it could be a more major decision such as replacing your plumbing.

Its stressful mainly because we don't know who the good guys are that will get the job done to a required standard and who are the cowboys. The only way to satisfy yourself before booking your plumber is to do your homework.

Yes, its school time and time to set your minimum or baseline requirements. Remember cheap is not always best and shortcuts can lead to even more trouble down the line. So what should you consider and where do you start:

First, check with friends, family and neighbours to see if they have had work done by a plumber recently. If so, ask the extent of the work, whether they got an up front estimate, ask to examine the work, ask about timeliness and disruption, ask how they came to use this particular plumber, ask if there has been any problems since the work, ask did they stick to their estimate regarding time and costs and ask them to give a rating from 1 - 10 on the work and their likeliness to use the same plumber again. If they wouldn't use them again perhaps you shouldn't use them at at!

If you can't rely on word of mouth referrals from family or friends you can check out plumbing in Belfast in the usual way such as online or by using directories. You can also contact organisations such as your local council or your local trading standards office or perhaps the consumer website Which? Once you have selected a few local plumbers, check out their reputations using online resources people love to either praise or highlight shortcomings online and whilst you should look at these, remember be objective praise may be false or paid for and criticism can be both unjust and unfair. Rely on your own gut instance.

Having selected a few Belfast plumbers to contact, the first thing you need to check is that they provide a FREE estimate. When arranging a visit you may wish to have a relative or friend present. Remember, when inviting strangers into your home, take precautions and put away safely any valuables. Remember to give yourself options to enable you to make comparisons. However if you decide on multiple quotes as an option check to make sure they are FREE, some contractors will charge. So what about the quote / estimate? The plumber will give you a quote based on what they see on site and what you say, so be as precise and as specific as possible. Ask for the quote in writing and agree (should you accept the quote) how long the job will take and the method of payment.

Sometimes a plumber will be able to help with the formalities of dealing with building control or be more au fait with the grants procedures of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. If your work does involve issues that could delay the start or delay payment it is better to know before agreeing the work. Again, if your work involves an NIHE grant be sure whether or not you have to pay the contractor first and reclaim it from the NIHE or whether the contractor is agreeing to wait and receive this element of payment direct from the NIHE. Remember is you need a little extra help you can use trading standards, citizens advice or even you local MLA's constituency office may be able to assist you. Before accepting the quote you may wish to check their references, check how long they have been in business or even speak to previous customers.

Before accepting a quote satify yourself that your check list has been met and that you have the full contact detais of the firm you are using, their name, telephone number, email address and most importantly their address. It is ill advised to procced on an name, email and mobile number only. A reputable plumber will have a landline number at the very least even if they operate from home and most will happily provide either their office or home address, after all they have yours and soon they will have your money too! Another important element to consider before proceeding is what guarantee is on offer, what it covers, is it money back, is it repair or is it conditional on something else?

Ps Check to make sure the quote is fully inclusive and includes VAT

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