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BR Driving School

18e Kilmory Gardens



Telephone: 075 4363 5658        Email:

Web: www.brdrivingschool.co.uk

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Kings Road Driving School

60 Kingsdale Park



Telephone: 077 5111 7459        Email: william@kingsroaddrivingschool.com

Web: www.kingsroaddrivingschool.com

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Forestside Driving School

4 Cairnshill Road



Telephone: 028 9040 1162        Email:

Web: www.

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Grangewood Driving School

42 Grangewood Road


BT16 1GW

Telephone: 079 6712 9351        Email:

Web: www.

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Boyd's Driving School

15 Marmont Drive



Telephone: 028 9059 0075        Email:

Web: www.

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One Direction Driving School

109c Gilnahirk Road



Telephone: 075 4092 5623        Email: info@onedirectiondrivingschool.info

Web: www.onedirectiondrivingschool.info

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Driving Miss Daisy

126a Upper Knockbreda Road



Telephone: 078 3460 3555        Email: driving@missdaisy.me

Web: www.missdaisy.me

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Top Marks Automatic Driving School Belfast

11 Upper Braniel Road



Telephone: 079 6874 9938        Email:

Web: www.topmarksautomatic.weebly.com

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Andy's School of Motoring

39 Moyne Park



Telephone: 075 9004 2874        Email: info@andysni.co.uk

Web: www.andysni.co.uk

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First Go Driving School

3 Brook Meadow



Telephone: 078 2153 9393        Email:

Web: www.

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Belfast Driving Schools & Instructors

Congratulations, so you what to learn to drive, well then there are two things you must do asap. 1) Apply for your provisional driving licence 2) find a reputable driving instructor or driving school.

Some people may practise their driving with friends or family, who must be over 21, have held their own driving licence for at least three years, be qualified to drive the vehicle you're learning in and be insured but most learners seek out a qualified instructor.

There are many reasons for this, do you really want to learn from other drivers who may have developed bad road habits, may not have passed first time themselves, may get angry or frustrated with you, may be less safe than an instructor - its a case of start as you mean to go on - aim high and pass first time!

The best way to seek out an instructor is usually by word of mouth, chat to your friends and find out which ones passed first time and enquire about their driving instructor or school. You ideally want an instructor who teaches well and has a high success rate, has a good reputation, drives a car you think you can learn in and is reliable and punctual.

Driving lessons in Belfast like everywhere else can be quite expensive, most driving schools however do apply discounts for block bookings, Remember whilst you will want to keep the cost down and want to pass sooner rather than later, don't go for cheap if they have a poor success rate. Talk to your potential instructor and enquire how many lessons you need to plan, the cost, the discount and a potential test date. Success is all in the planning!

Plan to get you provisional licence
Plan to work through your Highway Code
Plan out your driving lessons
Plan out your theory tests
Plan, Book & Pay for your driving & theory tests
Plan & Succeed!

Before you even book your first driving lesson start to think about:

Your Alertness
Safety and your vehicle
Safety Distances
Other vulnerable road users
Types of vehicles on the road
Road conditions and dangers
Motorway driving
The rules of the road
Road signs
How to react to incidents, accidents and emergencies

Remember learning to drive keeps you and everyone else safe. If you think like a little boy racer you will fail and you could kill yourself or someone else.

Remember: If you are paying someone to teach you to drive they must be registered with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA)

Remember: You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you're 15 years and 9 months old

Remember: You can start driving a car within the rules when you reach 17 or 16 within the rules if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP

Remember: To display 'L' plates & they must be the right size - don't invalidate your insurance!

Hope these few comments help you get the right Belfast driving lessons or driving school that suits your needs. Learn from the mistakes of others and plan to learn to drive the right way!

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