Where Is Belfast?

Belfast is the Capital City of Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The name Belfast is dirived from the Irish Béal Feirste meaning "rivermouth of the sandbanks" and its sits at the head of Belfast Lough with the River Lagan running through its heart.

How Do I Get To Belfast?

The city is served by two airports, Belfast International Airport which is approximately 30 minutes from the heart of the city by coach or car and Belfast City Airport which is just minutes from Belfast City Centre. George Best Belfast City Airport code is BHD and Belfast International Airport's code is BFS. Unlike the International Airport, the City Airport has a rail link which will take passengers into Central Station but it may serve you better to arrange a ride or take a taxi. Whichever airport you use there are loads of Belfast Flights from various carriers including budget airlines. If you are flying into Dublin then you can catch a coach direct to Belfast, you can also catch the Enterprise Train from Dublin's Connelly Station.

If you are travelling by ferry both P&O and Stena Line offer services to either Belfast or Larne (which is about 30 minutes by car). You can also get coach deals to Belfast from Ulster Bus, National Express and Scottish Citylink which can include ferry crossing.

Where Can I Stay In Belfast?

Belfast is an ever growing city with new boutique hotels popping up all the time. One of the most renowned hotels in the city is the Europa Hotel, which was once known as Europe's most bombed hotel but all has changed and Belfast is now one of Europe's most vibrants cities. When it comes to city hotels most of the main chain's operate here including the Hilton, Premier Inn and Ramada. It really depends on where you wish to stay for there are hotels in the University Quarter of the city, hotels in the Titanic Quarter of the City, as well as in the Linen and Cathedral Quarters. One of Northern's Ireland largest hotel chains operates the Stormont Hotel which sits directly facing the Stormont Estate home of the Northern Ireland Assembly, operates the Europa Hotel and plans to open a new hotel in Bedford street which which will be one of the city's tallest hotels and sit just seconds from Belfast City Hall. If you're looking for hotel details visit our Belfast Guide or Directory for more information.

How Do I Get Around Belfast?

Unlike many other cities Belfast has no underground system and no tram system. It's transport is provided by a company called Translink which offers bus services throughout Belfast under the brand Metro Buses or Citybus, it also offers bus services and rail services throughout Northern Ireland under the brands Ulster Bus and Northern Ireland Railways. You should ask the operator for details of their current prices and discounts. Visitors to the city should be aware that you can purchase an all day bus ticket, which provides unlimited travel on Metro Buses after 9:30am for as little as £3.70.

If you feeling a bit more energetic you can always get around the city using Belfast Bikes which have pick up and drop off docking stations all around the city. Likewise if you're feeling a little bit more lazy you can always avail yourself of both our public and private hire taxi companies. If you are more interested in touring Belfast or in taking a tour of Belfast's main river, the River Lagan which leads into Belfast Lough, why not take a look at our tourist guide or directory to see available services.

A Few Belfast Facts

The City was granted city status in 1888 and in 2015 had an estimated population of 333,871. It has a vast maritime heritage which includes the building of RMS Titanic at the world famous Harland & Wolff Shipyard. In addition, Belfast is also well known for its linen industry heritage, tobacco processing, rope-making and even today is still well known for its aerospace and missile industry.

The City, in the absence of an underground, tram system or citywide rail system is currently attempting to introduce what is known as the Belfast Rapid Transit. Unfortunately, its main effect to date is to have brought the city to a standstill with unwanted roadworks, unnecessary bus lanes and revenue generating cameras. What is Belfast Rapid Transit? A Bendy Bus, on existing roads that's implementation is costing millions!

The Belfast Accent

The distinctive Northern Ireland accent is like marmite loved by some and not by others. However, the accent reflects many expressions local to Northern Ireland, for examples of this why not take a look at our Norn Ireland Dictionary.

Belfast Codes

All postcodes in Northern Ireland start BT and Belfast's postcodes include BT1 BT2 BT3 BT4 BT5 BT6 BT7 BT8 BT9 BT10 BT11 BT12 BT13 BT14 BT15 BT16 BT17 and part of BT29.

The City's main telephone dialing prefix code is 02890 but in recent years now includes 02895.

The airport codes are BHD for George Best Belfast City Airport and BFS for Belfast International Airport.

A Great Welcome

Belfast is one of the friendliest City's in the World & you should receive a Great Welcome wherever you go!

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